09 March 2015

Seesu.me, dwb & vk.com

Rather a useless post, but it was fun for me to find all these out.

The story

seesu.me is an awesome online media player or radio or whatever you call it. Just give it try.
dwb is a minimalistic vim-imsnpired browser.
And vk.com is popular (at least in xUSSR countries) social network.

What brings them all here is that there is large music collection available on vk.com which can be very nicely listened to with seesu.me. But me problem was that vk login button wasn't working in dwb browser.

The solution

In short i needed to do the following:
  1. open dev console (dwb is based in webkit, so there is on) to find the login button
  2. check if clicking on it programatically would work
  3. if yes, all done - i'll login to vk, login will be remembered and nothing to worry about
Pressing standard Ctrl+Shift+I didn't worked. With google on my hands i found man 1 dwb which states that enable-developer-extras need to be enabled. I had no idea what it was, playing with command completion in dwb itself didn't helped as well. Again googling i found that option in ~/.config/dwb/settings (close dwb, then edit and save the file, then run browser again).

After that dev console popped up on :wi command, but unfortunately each time it shows up it crashes the whole browser.

I had to pick firefox to check if triggering click programmatically would do the trick and it really did. Invoking $('.sign-in-to-vk').click() in dev console was at least triggering popup blocker and then i was able to reach the popup (BTW popup blocker was veeery important here).

Back to dwb i needed a way to execute arbitrary JS on a page which was quickly and easily found in already opened man page. So on seesu page i typed :js $('.sign-in-to-vk').click() and nothing happened again. Here i remembered about popup blocker and (quickly again) found and option javascript-can-open-windows-automatically which was set to true with ss javascript-can-open-windows-automatically true

After that repeating JS snipped worked like a charm.
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