12 January 2015

Adventures with Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 and UEFI boot

On Friday i've broken my boot loader tying to migrate to UEFI and today i was looking forward to fix and get UEFI working! But that wasn't the case.
My PC booted in UEFI mode from Achlinux USB pendrive i've brought from home, but i rejected to boot from HDD.
I don't know how much time would i spent with this, but fortunately our sysadmin guys passed through and noticed me messing about BIOS. That appeared to be a know issue of my motherboard. The version i had was 0306.

I won't provide you with detailed instruction on how to upgrade you BIOS! The only hint i may give you - prior to doing this do reset all setting to defaults.

Now all works for me :)