06 October 2011

[Ubuntu] Reverting upgrade from thir party PPA

I got new hardware for my PC at work (i3-2100 with integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000). My Ubuntu 10.10 installed didn't feature proper drivers for this GPU, but some folks over the Web advised to add xorg-edgers PPA which hosts bleeding edge version of Xorg and drivers.
It's worth saying that I my Xorg rejected to extend my desktop to both monitors after this upgrade :)

So I started searching for the way to revert this update :)

Finally Synaptic saved me! I'll appreciate if somebody will teach me how to do the same from command line.

  1. open Synaptic
  2. select group by Origin (bottom left corner)
  3. in the list on the left find the source repo you did the upgrade from
  4. now select installed packages (from this repo) one by one and for each to Package - Force Version... (Ctrl + E)
After that you could remove the PPA and don't do that again :)
Some more helpful info is available at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CleanUpgrade

01 June 2011

Some more useful Skype scripts

I was going to write a script to mute\unmute Skype during a call, but I was unable to find DBus API documentation for Skype (I would be very pleased if you share a link or a document if you have one). Today I've found the script I need along with few more useful scripts:
All these stuff could be easily bound to a hotkey depending on environment you're using.
Happy Skyping :)

12 April 2011

Post SVN changelist to ReviewBoard (using post-review tool)

Yeah, this will work out of the box only for Unix systems. But I have no worries about that :)
$ svn stat --changelist "changelist name" | tail -n +3 | awk '{print $NF}' | grep -v 'gwt\.xml$' | xargs post-review -o
Here I post for review changelist named "changelist name" excluding GWT module descriptor files (*.gwt.xml), which a not to be commited and opens browser window with newly created review request.
As for locally modified files that are under SVN control, I usually move those that shouldn't be commit to separate changelist (named "no-commit"). Yes, I'm delighted with changelists support in IntelliJ IDEA! :)