15 March 2010

IE Developer Toolbar for IEs4Linux

IEs4Linux is know the best approach of running Internet Explorer under Linux. Working on a web project I faced a need to fix some style bugs in IE. So I tried to install IE Developer Toolbar (for those who don't know - just like FireBug, but far less cool) and saw error message from msiexec saying "Internet Explorer Development Toolbar requires Windows 2000 or newer".

So this post is about how to install the toolbar anyway! :)

The point is that IEs4Linux runs IE in wine environment with Win 98 version (at least for IE6 this is true), that why developer toolbar doesn't installs. To fix this, execute:

$ cat `which ie6` | grep WINEPREFIX
export WINEPREFIX="/opt/.ies4linux/ie6" 

You will most probably see other path instead of  /opt/.ies4linux/ie6. So now we know where the wine environment for wine is located. The next thing to do is to run winecfg for this environment and change target Win version:

$ WINEPREFIX="/opt/.ies4linux/ie6" winecfg

A dialog window will appear and in drop-down in the bottom of the window select Windows XP and press OK.

With this changes your IE won't run. So, download MSI of developer toolbar to your home directory with your favourite browser and install it to your wine environment with the following:

$ cd ~ 
$ WINEPREFIX="/opt/.ies4linux/ie6" msiexec /i IEDevToolBarSetup.msi
After installing the toolbar, run winecfg just like we previously did and switch Win version back to Windows 98.

Voila, we have IE with developer toolbar :)
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